Corporate Events / Team Building

Segway PT for Advertising, Campaigning, or Door to Door sales – Nothing Gets Attention Like A Segway PT:

Basic Rental Rates: Corporate Events and Team Building
$99 for 1 Day
$199 for 3 Days
$329 for 1 Week
$729 for 1 Month
$250 per Personnel/Event Guide
Delivery: $1 per mile plus toll fee

Use a Segway PT for your Marketing and Advertising or Team Building Events!
We’ll deliver and pick up your Segway PT rentals anywhere in the Bay Area.
This includes a Segway PT and handlebar bag which can handle a 13 in x  18 in graphic advertisement.

Advertising Shields are available for more elaborate situations as well as custom units.

The Segway PT is the most efficient exposure and flyer distribution machine ever invented!

Use the Segway PT to attract attention at your event/business. Or turn it into a machine for campaigning or door to door sales. You can see twice the people on a Segway PT and you can shake twice as many hands.

Nothing gets noticed like a Segway PT. Efficiently distribute advertising materials and flyers in your Neighborhood or city. The Segway PT covers ground like nothing else, and it attracts attention like nothing else!

Training, Delivery, Pick-Up, Advertising Sign Blank or Bag, Lock are available. Everything you need!


Corporate Events and Team Building

Instead of those same old boring team building events, Segway PTs provide something new and different for groups of all sizes.

The Segway PT Team Building Event is guaranteed to be your most talked about company event ever!
That’s because Segway PTs naturally draw the group together. Plus we offer guided riding and training, and even obstacle courses or Segway PT Polo.

We can do it on location for only $99 for each Segway PT unit plus $250 per event guide/personnel. Delivery and Pick-up is $1 per mile plus toll fee.

At the Jack London Square- Aquatic Park location, the unit cost is only $75 per unit.

Costs for events depend on the number of people and the number of units. We can provide a unit for every member of the group. However, for many situations, organizations use just a few Segway PTs to provide an activity at the corporate or organizational event.
So, depending on the nature of the event, and how much you want to spend, the number of units and guides can be varied to fit all sorts of situations.

Team building can be very in depth with the Segway PTs being the focus, and more elaborate Segway PT Polo matches can provide a really fun and engaging activity. However, Segway PTs are also great at conventions and parties. A few Segway PTs with a couple guides can provide training and short rides at your next event.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes, and the Segway PTs can even be used indoors. Many group events have used Segway PTs and had closed courses where everybody that wants to gets to learn to ride a Segway PT. Segway PTs are always the most talked about activity, and they are great for groups of all sizes!

Check out our Segway PT Guided Tours for your company or organization. Click here.

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