Segway PT Trade-In Program

Segway of Oakland is promoting its unique Trade-In Program, a special invitation for Segway PT owners to ‘upgrade’ to new models and still obtain payment for their old units.

We are helping our customers by providing value for used Segway PTs.

The new Segway PT i2se and x2se models feature new looks. Click here.

Everybody wants the newest and fastest model, so we are giving consumers a fair trade-in value for their used Segway PT’s.

We pay up to $2800 for working unit.

This appeals to those who want more value from their existing units but want to upgrade to the cool new models. We are convinced those old units still have a life. That’s why we are even accepting units that don’t work.

Act now and Segway of Oakland will pay the following for your trade-in:
– $1500 – $2800 for a working Segway PT.
– $1000 for a Segway PT that doesn’t work; complete; formerly working Segway PT with all parts intact.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, contact Segway of Oakland at 1-(888)-8SEGWAY.